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MODULE THREE: Creating Deeper Alignment ~ Advanced Teaching Techniques

As students progress, so must the teacher in order to show the way. This module will demonstrate how to refine alignment in poses, break down more difficult poses to allow access to all body types, deepen anatomical adjusting and help students overcome mental limitations.

In this training you’ll…
  • review important alignment details to keep your students safe while working towards deeper poses
  • learn how to break down complex poses into their basic parts so that all levels of students can access them
  • practice your ability to see and feel lines of energy in poses and spirals
  • learn to use props in skillful ways for all body types
  • become familiar with mental and physical techniques to help all levels of practitioners feel successful in poses
In addition, you’ll learn…
  • how to modify asanas for beginners when you don’t have props available
  • languaging to inspire and encourage students
  • how to not overwhelm students with information
  • why pacing your verbal instructions is important
  • how to create safe boundaries so students can step into their courage to try new things
  • In this module, you will gain confidence in your teaching abilities and how to take students to more advanced levels in their asanas by understanding more subtle aspects of yoga asanas and the mind.
Who should attend this course?

Any graduate of a 200-hr level yoga teacher training course regardless of where the course was taken, as well any RYT200 or RYT500 is welcome to attend. If you have questions about your fulfillment of this requirement, please contact us about it.

When is this module being offered?
300-hr YTT Module 3

Dates: 05.24.2014 to 06.03.2014
Location: Kalani Resort, Big Island, Hawaii 

300-hr YTT Module 3

Dates: 09.10.2014 to 09.20.2014
Location: Firstship Studio, Shinjuku, Japan
More info: Firstship International